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I love to write. All day long there are words bouncing around in my head that if I take the time to write them down, poems or short stories are formed. I have written some poems for children. Be sure to check out "Sleigh Ride", it was lots of fun writing it. Also I will be adding a couple about the creation, my favorite part of the Bible. The love poems and the sad poems are more so for the adults to read.  Sometimes I tend to write too many sad ones, but everyone has moments of sadness in their lives. Be sure to check out the site often for new poems or stories..

I have a section set up for poems and another one for shortstories. I am hoping to publish a few of the short stories on Amazon. I just published an adult fiction story, 'My Life Changed Forever,' on Amazon.  My book will soon be released for purchase. I am also going to add a childrens short story, 'Raining.' This story has already been published once in an online children's magazine. It has been released to me again to publish. If interested, please check out books by, Barbara A Ross.

Thank You for visiting my site.. I hope you enjoy reading my poems and short stories.I really enjoy writing them and sharing them with you. If you would like to use one, please place a link back to my site so that others can read some of my other work.. Also please remember to credit me for the poem. Not take them as your own. They are under a copywrite.

Thank you
Barbara A Ross

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